Interior design: Laboratorul de Arhitectură
Furniture: LINIA Furniture
Architects: Laurentiu Stanescu
Colaborators: Luminna, Moir
Type: triplex
Surface: 160 sqm
Location: In City Residencial Complex
Execution year: 2016
Style: modern, minimalist, art-deco

The interior design project reflects the client’s wish to create a space in the city center of Bucharest, besides the house he owns in a quiet area outside the city.
Connecting to the energy and bustle of the city along with the desire of spending time with friends, for organizing organize barbeques and cocktail parties, the concept built the design lines of this bachelor apartment that was meant to be visually interpreted in predominant masculine notes.
Bachelor and bachelorette are in that period of their lives when their sense of independence is very predominant, therefore everything that sorrounds them has to follow a specific direction, according to their pleasures, tastes and passions that they fell for.
Before marriage, women and men have totally diferent lifestyles and this period can be easily noticed in different design elements that are dominant in their homes, starting from decorations, colors and accumulating the entire interior design of an apartment inhabited by a bachelor or bachelorette.

Concept and execution
The bachelor apartment always follows simple but complex elements in the same time, described by various colors. The living room is the centerpiece of a bachelor apartment and the generous space must be one to inspire freedom.

The finishes, textures, colors were chosen in close relationship with the client’s personality such as warm shades describing precious materials – copper wall claddings, natural wood inserts – American walnut, painted glossy MDF, leather or white marble.

The furniture is designed specially to create an optical illusion that is almost embedded in the rest of the living room walls, so there is no discordant elements that might retain the elegance and beauty of the space, highlighting the masculine direction that is the key of the project.
A dining room with integrated bar hides the technical picture of the kitchen and is strategically located between the entrance area and the living room.
The décor elements seem to be in an „accidental” harmony, starting with the subtle lights inserted in the ceiling, the hanging plexyglass armchair that gives you the feeling that it flows from the ceiling (Bubble Chair, Aarnio Eero), the hidden fireplace integrated in the TV-unit furniture piece or the art-deco design features that complement the lines of the furniture.

The large and spacious rooms create a modern and extremely well airy atmosphere, inside the bedrooms that have a special charm, expressing something from the personality of the owners, given them a special feeling of a person is free to do whatever he wants, without thinking the consequences or maybe taking the life too seriously, without having family responsibilities so far.

The master bedroom has the same tones and textures that fill up the interior design concept, following the same direction. It exudes the feeling of freedom all over the house, accentuated by the way the bathroom was designed, elegant and refined solved with quality materials, with an open plan facing the bedroom, with no privacy, bordered by glass partition walls, that let precious, imposing materials such as white Carrara marble to be discovered while relaxing in bedimposing.