Architecture : Laboratorul de arhitectură
Architects: Raluca Crintea
Type: residential house P
Size: 250 sqm
Location : Pipera, Bucuresti
Execution year: 2016
Style: minimalist, romanian traditional details

Modern. True modern homes are very trendy — basic materials and an ordered structure are used to create a clean, simple environment. This style include minimalist and reinterpreted traditional romanian details, as well a special design for the roof that has an important role in the landscape composition. The contour of the roof is boarded by metallic spikes that filters the light and places shadows on the façade. When it rains, the water flows from the roof top of each spike and becomes a kind of fountain with curved water jets that continue the aerodynamic shape of the sticks. The question comes where the roof ends and where the natural surrounding begins? The rain erases the borders between the two territories.