Architecture : Laboratorul de arhitectură
Architects: Diana Nitreanu
Type: residential 3 floors building
Size: 520 sqm
Location : Regimentului st, district 1, Bucharest
Execution year: 2016
Style: modern

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Four Friends, Four Apartments, One Building

What do you do when you’re too grown up and successful to have roommates? If you’re as tight with your friends as the owners are, you do the next best thing: create a little complex of adjoining apartments in the same building.
The group of friends, who met during high school, share an interest in music, art, cooking and not the least – architecture and design. They were already more or less inseparable during their time off.
So several years ago, when they were all looking for places to buy, one of them had this idea that they should build a community and find a space where they could have apartments together.

Two architects and one builder went into the creation of a harmonious 3 floors building development with privacy and community in the same time.
The approach resulted in apartments that reflect each owner’s individual preferences, with an overall design line, describing a modern architecture with efficient floor plans.
The footprints of all four apartments are quite the same, with 136 sqm on the main floor, and varying sizes of second floors up too 165 smq.
Each apartment has 2 bedroom units and was fully equipped with generous storage, laundry room, kitchen, living and dining rooms open to each other.
The site is facing with the street, but the garden-side is a quiet and lovely forest. The four friends living independently in the same building, are sharing the same view of trees and animals, in a configuration that allows each family to feel each other’s presence although they may not see directly.
To keep the quietness and privacy for each family, the street-side facade is a thick structure with small windows, while the garden-side towards the forest is composed with wide grass windows, to enjoy the life in a forest.
Glass sliders open to the back garden, the dining room windows are floor-to-ceiling, light pouring in the whole interior space.
This facade treatment offers privacy with maximum light and views within each residence. The wood bands climb like a vine, wrapping the building with balconies, employing this decorative element as a functional tool – simplicity and complexity interact in a perfect manner here.