Interior Design: Laboratorul de Arhitectură
Architects: Diana Nitreanu
Colaborators: LINIA (furniture execution)Luminna (lights), Loisir (green walls), IBS (floors)
Type: public spaces – restaurant / bar / club
Size: 160 sqm
Location: Calea Victoriei 26, Bucharest
Execution year: 2016
Style: eclectic – mix between minimalism, industrial with a touch of Art Deco elements

Context – Where the Password Is Deco
NIGHT and day, Bucharest started to reveal itself as a new Art Deco spot on the map, with a growing interest in 1920s and ‘30s bar culture.
But on a dark and rainy night, hurrying along under your slick black umbrella, you can move from Deco bar to Deco bar, Deco club to Deco restaurant to Deco hotel lobby, and not even realize it’s 2016.
The interior design of this project was meant to bring you back to a period of endless possibilities, in the heart of the Art Deco era, where the idea of speed, the idea of height, the idea of the limitless were swaying those good times.
Going back to that period gives us that escape fantasy that we all need from time to time a crazy night out to blackout.
Leading on the sense of Art Deco trend, with its roots liying in 1925 Paris, the style became a thoroughly American phenomenon — an expression of progress and forward movement with deep roots in sophistication, elegance and luxury, describing how night life should be – glamourous and swanky.

The project is a throwback to the way bars used to be. Many brunches and evening colorful cocktails, a place where also the neighborhood uses as their regular place, a spot that the cool people are looking for.

Time and place. The concept behind the design takes you to high end, 40’s swing with Art Deco inspired aestethics. Noa Restoclub will be the perfect location of a trip back into that glorious past, while providing great food, drink and entertainment.

Functionality. The place runs a traditional ‘open-plan’ design that is ideal for welcoming guests. Noa Restoclub is divided in two floors – the ground floor as a multifunctional space designed for restaurant by day and club by night, while the upper level is organized for restaurant only.
The ground floor holds the dancefloor and the VIP area of the restaurant.
The design layout is composed of movement, leaving a long lasting impression, with spacious seating that is not too sparse, as guests need to move throughout the space with ease while waiting for their drinks to be prepared.

Design and atmosphere. With soaring ceiling heights and expansive windows, the restobar invites guests to step inside from the Calea Victoriei boulevard.
The guests are led in a multifunctional atmosphere that is elegant yet warm, with a touch of the early 20th century, adopting a streamlined art deco theme consisting of straight lines and edges for the design aesthetics of the whole space. Furthermore, employing a cool color palette consisting of green combined with violet, gold and grey neutrals, with an insert of dark red, creates a soothing and calm space but still with an opulent touch to it.
Making use of different material finishes and lighting creates a strong visual impact in the space.
The bronze mirrors of the retrobar are an important visual aspect along with the variety of materials – brass walls, crimson textiles, natural wood, metallic structures, green walls, all completed by Art Deco features used throughout the design that create a very elegant, high-end feeling to the restaurant.
The Custom brass cylindrical lights spread dimmable light over the bar and the VIP lounge area.

Fine Dining Restaurant Design Concept. The main theme and look of this specialty restaurant is an eclectic international cuisine served in a subtle Art Deco ambience, while taking inspiration from the clean lines of industrial design. Long buffet counters help delineate circulation of the restaurant, while providing direct visual access to the “show kitchen” concept. Staying true to the sophisticated timelessness that is Art Deco, the space is designed around simplicity and understated elegance. Smooth lines and lustrous surfaces define the space that is firmly rooted in black and brown, yet gracefully combined with shades of green along with gold detailing. Opulent furnishings which features upholstered olive green high-backed chairs paired with cool greys and violet Charleston sofa design can be seen throughout the space. These charming combination of modern textures and colors with a touch of industrial design treat guests to a comfortable, intimate and upscale atmosphere. The restaurant encompasses the timeless, international and offbeat feel that is desired, the perfect place for elegant dates, eclectic meetings and intimate “rendez-vous”. This restaurant design sets up the stage for an unforgettable dining experience.

The upper buffet restaurant is designed to immerse guests not only in good food and conversation, but also in a mood that is elegant and high-end. It offers an inviting atmosphere for the entire family using design aesthetics such as green moss walls imitating landforms. The Art Deco circular motifs on the walls and doors is contrasted by the sharp geometric lines in the buffet restaurant. Soothing earth tones of brown combined with a sumptuous palette of appetizing colors define the space.

The bar / club is designed for relaxation before or after guests’ have dined. With a streamlined deco-inspired look, by night the atmosphere turns glitz and glamour, with intimate warm lighting, touching the cool analogous shades of dark red, combined with natural wood countertop, which takes place against the industrial background of the retrobar.The Art Deco geometric motifs make the bar area a definite focal point of the restaurant as they start from the entrance area, embedded in the floors, climbing and surrounding the whole length of the bar like a snake, creating a continuos visual effect.Every subtle but distinct zone of the interior space has different moods, but they are all related due to the harmony of the design elements. From the furniture selections to the glass mirror panels to the sculptural wood bar design and to the glamorous brass fireplace, they all come together to add sense of detail and coherency. This helps define the identity of the space which is inspired after high fashion lifestyle – the feel that the architect wants the guests to experience in the space.