Interior design: Laboratorul de arhitectură
Furniture: LINIA Furniture
Architects: Radu Bubulete
Colaborators: Luminna, Titan Mar, Selva Floors, Intro
Type: residential, apartment 2 rooms
Surface: 90 sqm
Location: Bucharest, complex Phoenicia
Execution year: 2014
Style: minimalist

This project was designed for a couple in love with black and white. The challenge was to create a vivid, personal space using mostly this cromatic. Black and white are a tricky combination and it is easy to result in a chess board effect if not handled creatively. Also, a fireplace was a must accesory for this project.

Concept and execution
There is nothing quite so modern and urban as classic, timeless black and white design.
The interior design chromatic is predominantly deep gray, black, and blinding white. The resulting space is certainly sleek but manages to create its own energy.
Clean lines and angular design are a focal point, but subtle textures in the stone finishes and hidden spaces for storage create a visual feeling of home. Fancy elements like a subtle fireplace or glass plinth give a bit of a wink to the style that could otherwise feel overbearing.
The private areas of the home, like the bathroom and bedroom, don’t let up with the high contrast theme. Covered in white, the bathroom features unique sink basins from white marble that seem to exist apart from any plumbing systems for an ethereal and almost magical quality.
The sink’s composition seems to melt into the creamy travertine with white veins while the angular design of the fixtures is a bit clashing, but also stylish.
The use of natural elements, such as the dark texture wood floors, gives warmth and personality to the space. The design is clearly drawing on that contrast between natural materials like wood and Corian®.