Architecture : Laboratorul de arhitectură
Architects: Cristina Stroe
Type: public spaces, clinics, hospitals
Size: 150 sqm
Location: Izvoarele, Giurgiu
Execution year: 2014
Style: minimalist with reinterpreted traditional Romanian elements

The aim of the project is to increase medical services in the region through a 24 hours open medical clinic. The clinic will provide dental care and treatment to Izvoarele commnunity members. A consequence of this project is rising awareness on the importance of dental healthcare. One of the challenges was to integrate traditional romanian elements in a modern concept and to create an atractive space for community meetings.

Concept and execution
In order to preserve the area’s architectural style, a focal point is the porch of the building. Besides being a statement for the traditional architectural design, it creates a smooth passage from the exterior to the interior and it is an area for people to socialize. Other elements like the traditional clay bricks, wood structure were reinterpreted so that the clinic fits in and contributes to the authenthicity of Izvoarele.

The dental clinic is not a conventional one, but a friendly space. The desire to convince people to overcome their fear of dentist and to educate them was the idea that resulted in a multipurpose room. This room is for gatherings with different purposes for the community, like seminars on health and hygiene.