Fumetto is a restaurant with an old italian decor and a new-yorkish vibe located in the center of Bucharest. The restaurant is host for all kind of exquisite events that needed a particular signature. With an eclectic interior design rich in textures, shapes and details, the visual identity has to be clean and classy. The brief was to create the template for events posters.

Fumetto is a mix of powerful elements such as brick and concrete with luxurious golden accents. The oversized chandelier, the golden chair and green, velvet sofas create a precious, relaxed atmosphere – the source of inspiration for the template. Having this abundance of elements, the template must be clean and easy to adapt for every event. The logo is always situated on the left, the center is reserved for the illustration of the event and the info is on the right side. The fine, golden stripes, the fonts and pictures render the sophistication of the place. The central circle dedicated to illustrations represent the chandelier.
The logo depicts the concept of the restaurant, eat by day, dance by night. The circle symbolizes the complet experience offered by Fumetto and the symbiosis between the two apparently antithesis.